What We Offer

Across the entire range of our businesses, we deliver energy to customers, partners, and communities now and for generations to come to make our future more vibrant and sustainable. Our main Product is EcoTech Solar Modules and Systems, Wind Turbine Generators, and Hydro Turbine.

Looking into the future, we are still devoted to a low-carbon, Energy saving, Environment friendly life with high-end PV Technology and supply the best solar products for thousands of households.

We always concentrate on analyzing customers’ market and the application environment of products and provide installation guidance for customers’ need.

  • Solar Module 100%
  • Solar Device 100%
  • Project Design 100%
  • Installation Guidance 100%

Our Brand

FL-ST-U2-40w Solar Street Light System

Product model:FL-ST-U2-40w

3500VA Solar Power System

Product model:FL-POWER-P3500VA24V

5000VA Solar Power System

Product model:FL-POWER-P5000VA48V

10000VA Solar Power System

Product model:FL-POWER-P10000VA48V

1500VA Solar Power System

Product model:FL-POWER-P1500VA12V

FL-ST-U2-120w Solar Street Light System

Product model:FL-ST-U2-120w

Felicity solar 30watt all in one solar led street light with battery backup

Product Name:30watt all in one solar led street light with battery backup

300W MONO Solar Module

Product model:FLS-M-300W

250W MONO Solar Module

Product model:FLS-M-250W

Our Online Store

Feel free to visit our online store at lelong.com.my or [click here] to contact us.